WordPress 3.7, Now What New Plugins Should To Be Created ?

As we have already discussed about the new features of WordPress 3.7. This new update is loaded with new cool features but at the same time it will create some problems for some webmasters and site owners. Likewise now in WordPress 3.7 there is no need to lift a finger for making maintenance and other security updates as it automatically updates itself, similar to Chrome. This feature is good for most of the bloggers running their personal blogs. But at the same time it might cause big problems for webmasters who edited WP core or theme or working on some php code of their website as they might loose some important edits without prior any notification etc. So first of all a plugin should be created for disabling these automatic updates, as that would be very useful for probloggers and webmasters working on their client websites etc.

Secondly, A Plugin that extends automatic updates for major releases. A plugin should be created that extends automatic WordPress updates for all major version releases.

Thirdly, A Plugin That Look Up For Compatibility Issues. Another plugin that should be created is that tests automatic updates against website code. Likewise in new version of WordPress, updates are made in the background automatically so a plugin that tests updates and their compatibility with your website would be very useful for all.

Lastly, A plugin that brings old WP search back. Likewise now WordPress 3.7 search results are ordered by search query match, not by date wise order. This feature makes WordPress search more powerful than ever and now there is no need of using addon plugin for that. For example, if your keyword matches post title, that result will get pushed to top, much similar to Google Custom Search. But still there are many who need old default WP search, specially bloggers posting their daily life activities. So another plugin that should be created is the one that brings old default WP search back by adding a new search widgets. This is something very easy to do.

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