How To Know Last Repository Fixes Of Installed Plugins In Your WordPress Site ?

Sometimes some broken plugins appear in WordPress Plugins Repository which are created by well known and good developers but are broken because of some human error in code or while uploading files to their repositories. Generally these kind of plugins get updated with errors fixed in them but the bloggers who blog about plugins have to regularly monitor them for recent updates. This article is on a simple dashboard widget which makes your work easier by displaying last repository update of the plugins you are using in your WordPress site.

Plugin Updates

Install and activate Last Plugin-Update plugin, after activation the plugin automatically adds a Dashboard Widget in WordPress admin area home. This widget list of installed plugins with the date of their last update which is fetched from WordPress.Org’s plugins repository. Hence it is the date when your plugins were last updated by the authors in repository, not the date of the last update in the WordPress installation. The list can be shown in ascending or descending order of name and their update date.

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