Protect WordPress Plugins From Inadvertent Updates And Deletion

Many a times website owners edit or hack the plugin to change its default behavior. For instance, you edit the CSS of some widget plugin to match your website theme.

Editing plugins is good to make them work better on your website but automatic updates washes away all your changes. Even when you turn off auto plugin updates, the manual updates may cause same problems if you mistakenly select any edited plugin for update.

Here comes the use of extending default plugin management and add some security options to it. Here comes the use of Plugin Protector plugin, a free WordPress plugin that lets you protect certain plugins from automatic updates and/or deletion.

To start using it in your WordPress site. First install and activate Plugin Protector in your WordPress site. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Plugins -> Protection and tick the plugins you like protecting and then click ‘Save Plugin Protection button.

Now from the next time, WordPress will show you new updates but running it won’t be updating plugins which you have marked for protection.

When you will run plugins update it will only be updating the unprotected plugins and show up a message listing names of protected plugins in your website.

It provides you option to override protection.

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