How To Use Your Android Device As Wireless Router ?

You can easily use your Android device, may be your Android Phone as an ad-hoc wireless router. HotSpot allows you to use your Android phone or tablet as a temporary router, this way you can connect your devices with each other. The app is easy to use, all you have to do is install the app from Google Play then get started by following given steps.

How To Use HotSpot App?

  1. Fire up the app.
  2. Select whatever SSID (network name) and password you like
  3. Finally tap “Enable Access Point”

That’s all, your network is active. Now you can find your network on other devices you have, may be your laptop, netbook, Linux, Mac or whatever. Now you can connect normally with as many devices as you need and you can send files from directly one device to another or play network-only games etc.

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