Using Beautiful Subtle Background Patterns InTo Your WordPress Site

Now you can easily add the famous SubtlePatterns as backgrounds in your WordPress blog. WordPress has a new plugin called Subtle Background Patterns. Its very easy to use, even it provides you an option to activate live preview feature on the front-end of your website so that you can instantly check any background pattern simply by clicking on it.

So first of all install and activate Subtle Background Patterns plugin in your WordPress site.

Step-1 Upon activation visit your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Background and you will find a button “Select a subtle pattern as background”. Click this button and select a background pattern (all you need is click the pattern and it gets selected automatically, it doesn’t shows any save or insert button)

Selecting a background pattern by clicking on it:

Step-2 Now click the button “Save Changes” on Appearance -> Background page. View your website.

Using Live Preview Feature on Front-end:

Step-3 It also provides you a Live Preview Display option on same page. You can enable or disable live preview mode using the radio button. When live preview is enabled, you will find a floating  background pattern selector on the front-end of your website. With this feature you can preview more backgrounds in very less time.

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