Beautiful Post-It Notes Sidebar Widget For Your WordPress Site

Post-It notes, famous yellow paper for writing short notes and making your walls and tables dirty. Now you can use it in your WordPress site too but this Post-It notepad has many advantages to old one you use everyday.

WP Post It Note Widget

WP Post It Note Widget

WP Post It Note Widget

U Post-It is a free WordPress widget plugin by Taehan Lee. You can use is like a text widget, text you write in this widget gives a look of Post-It note paper pasted on your website’s sidebar. Another good feature of this widget is that you can use it in three different colors: Yellow, Blue and Red.

Widget Features:

  1. Easily Add Margin to Bottom
  2. Convert new lines to <br> tags (Checkbox)
  3. Choose from three different background colors (Radio button)
  4. Select your own font face, font size, font weight and line height
  5. You can add multiple Post-It widgets (each widget with a new note and style) to your sidebar
WP Post It Note Widget

Usage: Install and activate, then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widget and drag Post-It widget to your sidebar or any other widget area you like.

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