Beautiful Sliding Drawer Panels For Your WordPress Site

Two WordPress plugins for instantly adding a JQuery powered Sliding Drawer and panels with widget content area in your WordPress site.

WordPress Sliding Drawer Plugin

Adds a beautiful jQuery sliding panel on your site. You can choose positions from top, bottom, left and right. Also you can choose button location, text to show, color and other customizations.

Closed Panel View:

Closed WordPress Panel

Open Panel View :

Open WordPress Panel

Installation & Usage

Step-1 Install and activate it.

Step-2 Visit Dashboard -> Sliding Drawer and make customizations if you like to change the default view. You can easily customize Drawer Position, Drawer Handle Position, Number of Widget Areas, Drawe Content Width or Leave Blank for Full Width, Drawer Handle Text, Drawer Color, Drawer Handle Color, Text Color, Text Color.

Drawer WordPress Sliding Panels

Step-3 Now Visit Dashboard -> Appearances and the widgets to Drawer Plugin Widget Areas.

The Mojo Sliding Widget Panel

Adds a jQuery powered glossy sliding widget area on the top of your WordPress site.

Closed Panel:

Beautiful WordPress Panel 1

When clicked:

Beautiful WordPress Panel 2

Installation & Usage

Step-1 Install and activate it.

Step-2 Open your header.php file and add the following code inside the body tags:

<?php if ( function_exists( ‘get_sliding_panel’ ) ) get_sliding_panel(); ?>

Step-3 Now Visit Dashboard -> Appearances and the widgets to Left, Right and Middle Sliding panels.

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