Plugin For Starting New Conversations On Your WordPress Site

Urtak is a WordPress plugin that creates conversations powered by questions. It brings both simplicity and structure to any online conversation, it simply allows your users to ask questions to each other. It gives you chance to understand your audience better and know what actually they are thinking about your website, this way your site can engage more people.


  1. Available in English and Spanish
  2. Provides Detailed reports straight to your inbox
  3. Politeness by design allows you to frame your thoughts as a question
  4. Less work moderating, dealing with questions is easier than lengthy comments.
  5. Ask questions and manage conversations direct from your WordPress Dashboard.
  6. Bring your site to life, Increased engagement with response counter. Get rid from zeroes.
  7. More time on site On average, Urtak users spend 90 seconds more time on articles or videos.
  8. Intelligent algorithm We’ve developed a powerful algorithm that makes sure that the questions people care about get asked more often.
  9. Robust and reliable Technology is designed to handle massive traffic. Huge brands like MashableThe Daily Beast, and The Huffington Post have used Urtak.
  10. Cross-tabulation Dig deeper into the results with our cross-tabulation tool. Are men more likely to enjoy your articles? Do first-time visitors think the same as your current community. The power to find out is yours.
  11. Log in with Facebook and Twitter It couldn’t be easier for your audience to sign up with their social profiles to ask questions and share the results with their networks.


  1. Install and activate the plugin Urtak
  2. Visit plugin’s option’s page from Dashboard’s settings menu.
  3. Signup for Urtak account (if not already) then enter your email and select your options.
  4. Save changes. That’s all. Now you can start conversations from your posts. Each post has its own conversation associated with it.
  5. The questions are asked to users in a random order. As the creator of the conversation, you will receive an email report of results, as well as having access to the insights page of the plugin.


Urtak Widget on a WordPress Site
ost edit page showing Urtak admin console
Urtak Plugin Option’s Page
Dashboard’s Urtak’s Tab showing insights, responses, pending questions etc

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