Create A Website For Your Business In An Hour With New Website Builder

It takes less than an hour to make your website online with the new Website Builder available at It is specially programmed for people who simply want to bring their business online by launching a dynamic business website or eCommerce shop.

For others who are starting up, advanced online support is a superior alternative.

Till now you have learned about Managed WordPress which lets you create websites that can be extended to lots of new segments over time. It has millions of plugins and themes available that you can use for adding new elements to your website.

For Example: Suppose you are running a blog on Managed WordPress, and suddenly you think about adding merchandise, you can do it in a few clicks without disturbing your website and its content.

And then after some time, you again think about adding something else, again you can do it by installing a new plugin and in case no such plugin is available, you can get it coded with online support. That is the power of Managed WordPress.

On the other side, Website Builder has a fixed but complete set of options. If you simply want a Business Website with a blog or online store or altogether then it is the right choice for you. It is easy, it is user-friendly and anyone can use it for creating professional-looking dynamic websites.

Why sometimes a Website Builder becomes a better choice than Managed WordPress?

As explained above, Managed WordPress is a powerful system and Website Builder has a fixed set of options but these limitations make website builders more secure for people who don’t know how to work with the security of WordPress and they frequently install unknown plugins and themes.

What a Website Builder offers you?

Once you register your domain name and subscribe to a Website Builder plan, you get the following set of features to build your website in less than an hour:

  1. You can create a blog
  2. You can create a donation website
  3. You can create an eCommerce website
  4. You can sell physical or digital products
  5. You can manage inventory, use shipping options
  6. You can access credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments
  7. You can build an online appointment booking website
  8. It is a complete package of features plus hosting
  9. You can share content on Facebook, etc
  10. It offers social media integration
  11. It offers SEO optimization
  12. Responsive mobile site
  13. It offers SSL security
  14. Rapid page load

How to build your website with Website Builder?

Register your domain name, subscribe to a Website Builder plan and then its automated process will let you create your website.

Once the domain is registered, it lets you connect it to your Website Builder. Next, Website Builder asks you to select your website type, which can be a blog, an informative website, or online store, etc

Then it lets you select your website theme, and add your information such as pages, images, and other things.

Select your website settings such as social media integration, and payment method integration (if you will be accepting payments from your website). Finally, you can preview and publish your website.

For any sort of help, it also offers you round-the-clock support available to you via email and phone.

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