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What Website Builder Plan You Should Subscribe?

Website Builder is the quickest way to build your personal or business website or online store on your own. It is a user-oriented application that works on your domain, providing you with an interface to smoothly make and manage your website.

There are four types of website builders available for you to select from:

  1. Website Builder Personal
  2. Website Builder Business
  3. Website Builder Business Plus
  4. Website Builder Online Store

Share your passion online

Website Builder Personal simply lets you make your personal website with a built-in blogging option to easily start posting on topics that interest you. You can post about your day-to-day activities, recipes, photos, knowledge, thinking, podcasts, and vlogs on YouTube, etc and you can monetize that with various monetizing programs such as Google Adsense.

Create an online presence for your business

The Website Builder Business lets you create a website for your business. On this website, you can put up the information that you otherwise need to explain to your customers.

Especially, if you deal in a product or service that needs demonstrations or have a lot of frequently asked questions, your website is a perfect place to present all that information. Your business website is an amazing tool to deliver information on demand.

This plan supports payment options letting your customers pay for some service or clear up any payment via PayPal Buy now or if you are working for a cause you can also collect donations via Donate Now button.

Another plan called Website Builder Business Plus is a more powerful plan offering you more features such as booking online appointments, social media interactions, and automatic posting to Facebook.

Start Selling Online

The Website Builder Online Store option lets you build an online store for selling your products and services online. This option is packed with all features that you get on cheaper plans that are mentioned above plus additional features of managing inventory, flexible shipping options, and more payment options including credit/debit cards to accept payments online from your customers.

It offers you the easiest way of creating an online shop to sell your products online. Its secure environment and round-the-clock customer support let you manage your eCommerce website easily on your own.

Every website builder plan implements an HTTPS connection i.e. SSL Certificate over your website. All plans come with built-in web hosting options and a side blog.

The rapid page load ensures that your website opens up quickly on web browsers, SEO i.e. search engine optimization works from your fingertips, it ensures that you don’t need any SEO expert for that.

You don’t need to configure anything separately as it is a bundled product that is designed especially for people who want to make and manage websites but don’t have any technical skills or have very less knowledge of websites.

Easiest Way To Have A Self-Manageable Online Shop

The new Website Builder Online Store, available with a monthly subscription option at Sangkrit.net gives you the most straightforward way to create and manage an online store on your own domain.

It offers you a highly customizable eCommerce website on your own domain for selling your products and services online.

It is an all-in-one website builder that lets you create your own eCommerce website simply by

  1. Picking up a template
  2. Adding content and business information
  3. Adding your products and payment options
  4. Managing everything from one dashboard
  5. Blogging to increase your website reach

This website builder lets you click and edit the section on your website for adding images, editing text, menu, or price list. It lets you design beautifully engraved content for social networks and email marketing. Plus the professionally designed eCommerce templates let you choose a design that is specific to your industry.

The sales, content, and everything else can be easily managed from one dashboard. It lets you sell anything, from products to services or something digital in a seamless shopping environment that is mobile-friendly and easy to manage.

Top 3 Easy Ways To Startup An eCommerce Online Store

There are several ways to start a webstore and start selling online. If you are planning to hire programmers and web-developers then you’ll probably need to invest a large amount of money but if you are looking up for some cheap and easy way then you can get everything done yourself by following a few easy steps.

To get started with an online store, first and most important thing you need is a domain name and the second important thing is a server, in fact depending on what your end goal is, you may get started with a VPS or simply the shared hosting plan.

The amount of investment depends on your goal, for instance: if you are planning to sell your products country-wide or globally then shared hosting plan is no good, as that provides you limited resources and can handle only limited amount of visitors i.e. your clients and customers. A dedicated server is the second most important thing you should own to run a successful website.

Once you own your domain and web-space i.e. hosting or VPS or dedicated server. You can use one of the following applications to create and manage your eCommerce website withount any coding skills.

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