Stick WordPress Widget Admin Areas For Easier Management

A common problem in WordPress is that, when you have so many different types of widgets installed on your website. It becomes very difficult to add, remove and manage them from widgets admin page. 

New WordPress versions have made it easier to add widgets on sidebar. Now you can easily add any widget by clicking it and then selecting the widget area from the pop menu.

In this lesson we will show you how you can fix or say stick widget areas in your admin section in order to make it always visible while you scroll for adding more widgets.

We will be using Fixed Widget Area plugin. The plugin is designed to fix admin sidebar widget area while scrolling so that admin can drag and add widgets easily to respective areas without having to moving up and down (specially on small screen devices).

Another thing this plugin does is if in-case any widget area height increases window’s height, then sticky property of that widget area is automatically removed and you are allowed to scroll and add widgets in bottom area.

Start by installing Fixed Widget Area plugin in WordPress

Upon activation the plugin automatically starts working. There are no configuration settings to set.

Fixed Widget Area q

Visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets page, scroll down to see the feature working.

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