Customize Every Single Piece Of Text On WordPress Admin Area

In this lesson we will show you how you can change every single piece of translated text in your WordPress admin area dashboard.

Today a hosting user emailed us asking how he can customize the admin area text. He wanted to use ‘Hello’ instead of ‘Howdy’. He said, “HELLO would be better on my website. Howdy for Texans :)”. 

Custom Admin Text Change is a WordPress plugin that provides you ability to change text inside your admin area dashboard for all websites on your network.

It is one complete solution. It saves you from the pain of making and remaking. This is one single hack.

Start by installing Custom Admin Text Change plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Text Change page and you will be able to quickly customize every single piece of translated text simply by adding the new text there.

To set a new text replace rule, click ‘Add New’ button and type the text you want to replace in ‘Find this text’ field and then type in the replacing text in ‘Replace it’ field.

Text Change

For instance: Suppose you like replacing ‘Howdy’ with ‘Hello’ then type ‘Howdy’ in ‘Find this text field’ and ‘Hello’ in ‘and replace it with’ field. Save your changes and that’s it.

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