How To Add After Content Widget Area In WordPress?

Now WordPress has a new awesome widget area plugin that lets you easily add any kind of widget after all posts in your WordPress site. The plugin automatically activates a new widget area which can be used from default widgets admin screen (Appearance -> Widgets) from your admin area dashboard.

Likewise we have already discussed, there are many ways of displaying anything after posts in WordPress. Earlier we have discussed about a WordPress hack that lets you show Custom Content After Each WordPress Post. We have also posted tutorials on adding custom content after posts from some specific category, adding signature after each blog post etc.

Let us see how:

Install and activate Add Widget After Content plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets screen and you will be noticing a new widget area titled as ‘After Content’.

This is your new central single column widget area that appears just below your post content (above WordPress comment form). The widgets added in this widgets area shows up vertically one after the other.

How To Add An After Content Widget Area In WordPress? 1

So all you have to do is drag the widget(s) to ‘After Content’ widget area, save them and that’s it. There are no other configuration options and settings.

How To Add An After Content Widget Area In WordPress? 2


There are some themes that uses coloured primary sidebars with widget text font set to white. In such cases this widget doesn’t shows up any text (or you may say that text goes invisible), because most post content areas has white backgrounds.

For Example: Twenty Fourteen, the new default WordPress theme has main sidebar’s widget font set to white and Add Widget After Content plugin uses the default widget area fonts and styles. Hence, the widget text goes off as same color schemes are applied on after post content area.

Well, in such cases you should either change the default color scheme of your theme’s widget areas or activate some other WordPress theme or simply deactivate this plugin and use this alternative.

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