Top 3 Tabbed Widget Plugins For WordPress

Three tabbed widget plugins for showing widgets in different tabs, this way you can easily add more content and save more space of your website’s sidebar or any other widget area.

Tabber Widget

Using Tabber-Widget plugin you can easily add multiple tabbed widgets in to one widget area. It works in almost all web browsers, and comes with 4 different templates that you ca customize according to your site’s theme. You can add up to 10 tabbed widget areas in one existing widget and you can create as many tabber widgets you like.

Install and activate it, then visit Dashboard -> Tools -> Tabber Widgets and from the “Add New Tabber” section add your widget, select number of tabs to show, assign name to each tab, click Add Tabber button. Now visit Appearance -> Widgets page and add Tabber Widget to your sidebar.

WP Tabber Widget

Brand new plugin for showing a tabbed widget of links, you can show maximum two tabs with different links as showing in the screenshot.

Install and activate it, then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and drag Wp tabber widget to your sidebar. You can manage tab links from Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Tabber Widget page.

Tabber Tabs Widget

This plugins is one of the easiest way to add tabbed content area in your WordPress site’s sidebar. Install and activate it, then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets. You will find Tabber Tabs Widget Area on your widgets page, so add the widgets you want to appear in tabs, then drag and then add Tabber Tabs Widget to your sidebar.

Important: DO NOT PLACE THE Tabber Tabs Widget IN Tabber Tabs Widget Area. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN !! Place the TABBER TABS widget in another widget area.

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