Start A Fully Functional Coupon Website In Minutes With WordPress

A coupon websites offers promo codes consisting of letters and numbers that can be redeemed on shopping cart websites and online purchases.

Starting a coupon websites involves listing of sales & discounts, offers with promo codes for various products that can be purchased online on eCommerce websites and apps. A coupon website can become a profitable business online with advertisements and commissions earned when coupons are clicked from your website.

In this lesson you will learn about creating your own coupon website in minutes with WordPress.

Make Use Of WordPress

With WordPress, starting a coupon website doesn’t costs much and also it doesn’t requires any coding skills.

Although WordPress is free but you will need at-least a hosting plan and a domain name to install it and get started with your new coupon website.

You can easily install and setup WordPress, in just one click on any hosting plan, VPS or dedicated server and then customize it to a coupon website of your dreams.

Choose A Coupon Plugin &/Or Theme

There are various free plugins that allows you to transform WordPress in to a featured coupon website. You can search for plugin by keyword ‘Coupon’ or make use of Clipper theme that allows you to start a fully functional coupon website in minutes.

Clipper - A Coupon Website Theme

Find Your Target Audience & Niche

Websites that offer coupon codes and great deals online are quite popular these days. so the market is saturated with big brands. However, a specialty coupon website or blog offering deals in selected areas can be a good alternative.

So identify what your target audience is interested in to figure out relevant deals and showcase them on your website in order to face low competition.

Find Coupons & Promo Codes To Place

You may Google the services that offers you coupon codes or use traditional way of contacting local and national businesses to provides you with coupons.

Many offer affiliates and programs to give you commission on sales, coupon clicks or when people use coupons placed on your website.

Once you gain some traffic, you may start renting advertising space on your website and offer retailers to place coupons.

Consider Registering Coupon Feeds

For Me to Coupon and Smash Deals provides you an easy way to get large numbers of coupons easily to place on your website. There are many more popular coupon feed services such as CouponFeedCoupiliaGoldenCANFeedShareProsperent and PopShops.

Fire-up New Deals & Coupons:

Once your website is up and running; continue posting new deals, coupons and promoting your website via social media & email marketing to tell your customers about upcoming promotions and special offers.

Show you care about customers by meeting them in their favorite online hangouts. Try communicating with more and more people on social media, because when someone asks a question on Facebook or Twitter, everyone can see your answer and this effort multiplies when your followers starts to share your messages with their network of friends.

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