Automatically Grab & Save Contacts From Web To Gmail

You visit a web page with some contact you’d like to save to Gmail. In general, what you do is open your Google Contacts by clicking Gmail icon in the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts and follow on-screen steps to create a new contact then save it.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a button for automatically saving any contact detail anywhere on web to your Gmail or to any address book? Now there is one such app called Evercontact.

With Evercontact, you simply need to highlight contact data and click a button to save it automatically to your address book.

Evercontact – Contact Information Grabber

You can grab contact details from on Internet, or let this happen in automation within Gmail, automatically updating any contacts that have email signatures in them.

Start by adding Evercontact’s Extension in your Google Chrome browser. Once extension is installed it starts to show its icon in top right corner  of window.

You simply need to highlight any text such as email signature or LinkedIn contact info or contact us page and then click the extension button to save all details directly to your address book: Google Contacts, Salesforce, Evernote, or download it as a vCard for any other contact management application may be Apple Address Book, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.


It allows you to grab full name, phone numbers, company, role, address, social media profiles (such as Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin) and more. Doing this you can speed up data entry time, increase data accuracy and improve customer management as you will never lose any contact again.

It is now one of the highest-rated App for Contact Management on Google Apps.

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