If PSD To HTML Is Dead Then How To Start Designing Website?

PSD to HTML is DEAD, you’ve read this hundreds of times but then how do you guys start? The question is popular on social media websites and forums. Well, still there are tools and tutorials in 2016 that explains you everything in this regard, just Google your question.

But you can easily do this by following another way, without using static HTML in designing your website but PHP and that is also without writing a single line of code yourself.

So the easiest way to adopt a design whether from PSD, paper of any live website etc is to install WordPress with Atahualpa theme. Atahualpa is a free WordPress theme that provides you user-friendly interface to convert the website design and layout to exactly the one you are looking for.

To startup a WordPress website on Atahualpa theme, first thing you need to do is start a WordPress site, then install Atahualpa theme from built-in theme installer and then customize CSS from built-in theme options page on admin area dashboard.

Following are some links and lessons that will help you to do this –

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