Set Link Relationship To No-referrer In WordPress Based Website

Earlier we have discussed about a service that hides referrers to anonymize all external links in your WordPress website. The service works by prefixing its own domain address before your domain name and hence all tracking services counts that service as referrer instead of counting your website.

In this lesson you will learn about doing same thing with link relationship technique. This is also a good option as it doesn’t take any work from external services.

A link relation is a descriptive attribute added to any hyperlink in order to define the type of the link i.e. the the relationship between the source and destination resources. 

A link relation can be used for various purposes. Here, we will show you how to use it for defining no-referrer links in your WordPress website.

As defined in the HTML5 spec, rel=”noreferrer” “indicates that no referrer information is to be leaked when clicking and following the link”.

The good news is, with new WordPress plugin called Noreferrer you can automatically set rel=”noreferrer” to all external links in your posts, pages and comments.

Start by installing ‘Noreferrer’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation the plugin sets external link relation to “noreferrer”. The plugin works by modifying all external links right before they are displayed. It doesn’t edit anything in your website’s database and preserves existing rel attributes, such as the one set by wp_rel_nofollow() etc.

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