Hide Referer And Anonymize All External Links In WordPress

When yo link to any article on Internet, a notification is send to that website owner in the form of trackback or pingback. Whenever you link to any website, there are various services that can track the liking and send information on how many referrers are sent from your website.

This is ofcouse not problem but sometimes you just don’t want to allow anyone to track you or may be if you don’t want any website owner consider your website or whatsoever may be the reason, there are many free services that allows you to stop referrers on external links on your website. 

Advanced WP Hide Referer is a good plugin that simply hides all referrers on each and every external link on your website.

Start by installing ‘Advance WP Hide Referer’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin removes the referer (referrer) from all external links on your blog. It does this by converting all outgoing links on your blog using the href.li service and effectively hides your site as origin of the referred link.

For instance: It will convert an external link to sangkrit.net to https://href.li/?https://sangkrit.net. Hence, other services will track href.li as referrer site and not your website.

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