How To Add NoFollow To WordPress Insert Link Option?

Your WordPress post links are also responsible for your website’s reputation on search engines like Google etc. Linking to pirated and similar websites is not considered good for SEO. While WordPress allows you to open a link in a new window but it doesn’t provides you any feature to turn inserted link “nofollow”.

Likewise Wikipedia also has many articles on such websites but it uses nofollow link relationship for all external links and hence, this doesn’t affects its reputation on world wide website.

Nofollow is a kind of link relationship used to inform search engines that given hyperlink should not influence the ranking of target webpage and there’s no need of following it from here.

Default WordPress link inserter on visual editor only allows you to add link text and URL, there is no option for title and manually selecting a no-follow link relationship attribute.

In this lesson you will learn about adding a new checkbox field to manually set no-follow for selective links inside your post, page or custom post type content.

Insert NoFollow Links In WordPress Posts

Title and Nofollow For Links is a WordPress plugin which when activated automatically adds a title and a rel=”nofollow” checkbox on insert link popup box.

Start by installing ‘Title and Nofollow For Links’ plugin in your WordPress website

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New or open any old post/post type to edit. Now select text you like adding nofollow link to and click ‘Insert/Edit Link’ TinyMCE icon on WordPress visual editor toolbar.

You will notice that the plugin has added new field for title and a checkbox option for nofollow link relationship.

All you got to do is tick ‘Add rel=”nofollow” to link’ checkbox, paste link and title (optional) then click ‘Add Link’ button. That’s it, PUBLISH or UPDATE your post and you are done.

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