How To Selectively Apply NoFollow To WordPress Comments As Well ?

Sometimes when you get worried that some of your comment links on your WordPress site might harm your websitereputation, when you find any comment links like spam etc but you don’t want to delete them then in that case the easiest think you can do is add nofollow to your comment links. This is easy but most of the plugins offer you adding nofollow or  dofollow in bulk and this creates problem when you want to add link relationship by yourself.

Nofollow Case by Case is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to apply ”Dofollow” but Nofollow selectively in yourwebsite comments. By using this plugin you can simply replace nofollow for a link like that you simply add /dontfollow at the end of the link.  This can be done for author links in comments and also the links you find in the comment text.

After activation following things this plugin does automatically:

1. Clean up some code: The plugin tries to remove all variants of rel=”nofollow”, target=”blank” and rel=”external” from comment author links and other links in comments first. Link becomes a “real link” no matter if it is a pingback, a trackback or a “real comment”.

2. Fix semantical incorrectness: The plugin applies rel=”external” – but ONLY for external links!

3. jQuery functions of Nofollow Case by Case:

a) It detects rel=”external” in comments and opens those links in a new window. Now you don’t need to target=”_blank” which would not validate in XMTML. jQuery replacement does.

b) It tries to correct author URLs that could not be fully replaced before. More information on this is in the plugin’s FAQs Section.

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