Easily Disable Shortcodes On Per Post Basis In WordPress

A common problem noticed by WordPress plugin developers, bloggers and documenters is that whenever they try posting demo for some already activated shortcode, it automatically starts showing the output of that specific shortcode.

Even when you enclose your shortcode in code tag present on text editor, it displays the output as soon the content is published.

In this lesson we will show you how you can use, give examples and post demos for various shortcodes easily by disabling them on per post basis. 

SCuD – The ShortCode Disabler is a WordPress plugin that lets you disable shortcodes on per post basis.

Start by installing SCuD – The ShortCode Disabler plugin in WordPress

Upon activation the plugin adds its meta box on content edit screens of your WordPress installation.

For instance: Suppose you like posting a tutorial on usage of some shortcode which is active on your website too.

SCuD - The ShortCode Disabler 1

All you got to do is open the post for editing and tick ‘Disable shortcodes on this page’ check box. That’s it.

SCuD - The ShortCode Disabler 2

Another trick to disable working of any shortcode is to make its first and last bracket in italics or bold.

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