Replacing Default Post Date With ‘Long Ago’ Style In WordPress

A Long Time Ago” lets you use “Posted x time ago” style which is popular on various social media website like you might have seen “Just now”, “2 hours ago”, “Yesterday”, “on Thursday”, “3 weeks ago”, “1 year ago” around posts. This WordPress plugin does the same thing, it uses same format replacing the default post time style like “Posted on 01/01/2011 at 11:11”.

You can easily setup it on your WordPress installation, simply install and activate it and the you can:

  • Use time_ago() to place the posted on date in your templates or get_time_ago() to retrieve it. You can also use the [time_ago] shortcode.
  • ISO-formatted <time> HTML element
  • special cases: “just now” and “yesterday”

The plugin is translation-ready. Includes English, Polish and Spanish.

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