Rename Or Replace Images Without Breaking Links On Your WordPress Site

When you remove and upload any images being used in several spots on your website, WordPress automatically generates a new ID for them and bounds you select the new one all around.

Other times when you want to rename an image file also leaves you with broken links until you update all your posts and pages using that specific image.

This post provides you an easy solution that lets you replace or rename any image file without breaking any links on your and other websites.

How to rename or replace images in WordPress without breaking any links?

FileRenameReplace is the new WordPress plugin which upon activation adds options on Tools -> Rename/Replace page.

On this page, simply type the image ID and press ENTER, this will reload the page showing you options to rename your image file or replace the image by uploading a new one on its place.

To find the ID of the image you want to rename or replace, visit your Media -> Library page, click the image and copy the ID from your browser’s address bar. On the address bar, the ID is the number after the equal sign, you have to copy only that number.

You can do same more easily by using a plugin to show your image and other content IDs on your WordPress website.

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