Create Dynamic Links Gallery With Images In WordPress

New WordPress plugin WP Links Page allows you to easily create dynamic links gallery showing screenshot of each link in your WordPress site. The plugin is programmed to automatically create screenshots of links and save you from the process of hardcoding links and finding right image for each website. 

WP Links Page 3

You can create one links page showing several views. The link screenshots can be updated on a preset schedule or manually in a click of a button. All links can be added, edited, and reordered from the plugin’s setup page. See it live working here.

Start by installing ‘WP Links Page’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard and you will be noticing the plugin has added a new link on left side admin menu.

WP Links Page 1

Visit your admin area dashboard WP Links Page -> WP Links Page (Main Page) to start adding links.

WP Links Page 2

You can also set screenshot refresh interval time, switch to grid or list layout and set grid width; number of columns from WP Links Page -> Settings screen. Apart from links page, the plugin also provides you a widget to show added links on your website, you can add widget to your site from Appearance -> Widgets page.

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