Fix Broken Links, Redirections And Missing Images Of Your WordPress Site

Learn fixing up your WordPress site’s broken (dead) links, missing images, redirects.
Broken links are the wrong links that don’t exists. They show your site visitors an error 404 page, whenever clicked. If you have broken links in your site then fix them fast because they leave negative impressions and affect your SEO. You can easily check your site’s broken links. There are many online services that check broken links of your site:

  1. Link tiger
  2. W3C Link Checker
  3. Free Link Checker
  4. Dead Link Checker
  5. Broken Link checker

You can use WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin. It checks your posts, comments, redirects and other content including missing images for broken links and notify you. It also provides an option for preventing search engines following broken links. You can easily update all broken links from plugin’s page without rewriting or editing each post.

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