How To Find WordPress Content IDs?

From 2.5 version of WordPress, the content IDs on all admin area screens have been removed but there are various plugins, widgets and themes that requires post IDs for some specific features. For Example: Some WordPress themes like Atahualpa enables you to show/hide sidebars on specific pages and for that they asks you to enter page IDs.

There are many posts widgets which uses post IDs to exclude posts from their feed. Advanced WordPress users and developers uses IDs for editing plugins, adding hacks or template tags etc. Whatsoever may be the reason, in this tutorial we will show you how you can easily get to know content IDs of your WordPress site pages, posts, custom post types, individual tags and categories etc.

There are two ways of knowing any content ID in WordPress: You can find content ID by editing any content and copying is ID from your browser’s address bar.

For Example: Suppose you want to know ID of any WordPress post, simply open it for editing and then see in your web browser’s address bar, you will be seeing address something like this:

The red color number is your post ID.

Similarly, you can open any thing for editing in WordPress and know its ID from address bar. Like:

  • WordPress Post:
  • WordPress Page:
  • WordPress Category:
  • WordPress Tag:

This is not just limited to posts, pages, tags and categories but it works for all other custom post types, taxonomies, media files and comments etc.

Second Method: (Using Reveal IDs WordPress Plugin)

How To Find WordPress Content IDs?

The more easy way to do same thing is Reveal IDs plugin. After activation the plugin starts displaying all hidden content IDs on WordPress admin area pages. It adds a new column on admin area archive screens for posts, pages, categories, links (if you use), media, users, comments, link categories, custom taxonomies, custom post types and tags.

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