Automatically Find Plugins Breaking Down Your WordPress Website

When a website appears broken, what most website owners do is search the web for a solution, deactivate all plugins by temporarily renaming the plugins folder and then re-activate them one-by-one to check their website for the problem after each reactivation.

This takes a lot of your time and temporarily makes your website unavailable or unpresentable on web.

Plugin Detective is the new WordPress plugin that helps you to resolve such issues by finding out the cause quickly. So you don’t have to manually reactivate plugins one-by-one.

How it works?

Detective Otto Bot walks you through solving your case step by step from one screen. Simply open up a case and tell the bot where you are seeing the problem, what plugins are required for your website to run correctly etc.

Then it will interrogate the suspects keeping track of clues and checking in with you from time to time. And each time you will only need to answer “Yes it’s fixed” or “No it’s still broken”. It takes care of everything else, finds the culprit in few minutes and then you can deactivate the troublesome plugin.

It also works on times when you find the blank white screen on the frontend of your website or the PHP code errors.

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