How To Redirect Error 404 Pages To A Custom URL In WordPress?

Error 404 pages are not considered good for SEO and also as per adsense terms & conditions you cannot display the adsense ads on 404 pages and hence it is always good to redirect these pages to your website’s home. In this tutorial we will explain you how you can redirect 404 to home or to a custom URL of your website or to a sub domain or even if you need you can redirect it to some external URL.

404 Redirect

Redirecting error 404 to home or any custom URL is easy, first install and activate the new All 404 Redirect to Homepage plugin then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> All 404 Redirect to Homepage and type the URL where you like redirecting all 404 error page and make sure 404 Redirection Status is enabled, see the given screenshot.

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