Why Your BuddyPress Site Network Is Showing 404 Error On ‘Create A Site’ Option?

BuddyPress default theme (BP-Defaut) is retired. Hence all its child themes are abandoned by the developers. Today one of our reader emailed us asking that his frontend ‘Create a Site’ option present on his BuddyPress based multisite network is showing page not found error.


He is running the latest BuddyPress with Multisite enabled WordPress installtion.

In the Network Settings has enabled the option “Both sites and user accounts can be registered” but still as soon he clicks ‘Create a Site’ button on BuddyPress sites page (yourdomain.com/blogs/create), it shows page not found error.

We have researched a lot, testing various themes and reading many forum discussion related to this problem and found that this is neither BuddyPress issue and nor any installation mistake. This generally happens due to outdated themes, specially the old days BuddyPress parent and child themes.


So if you are also experiencing the same problem. If your BuddyPress site show ‘Not Found’ error on ‘Create a Site’ (yourdomain.com/blogs/create) then change your BuddyPress theme to a newly updated WordPress theme because now all special BuddyPress themes have been retired and only updated WordPress themes are compatible with BuddyPress sites.

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