Show Readers Who Viewed This Article Also Viewed What Other Articles In WordPress. The Feature Is Similar To Amazon’s Product Page

You must have noticed some websites shows where the readers go from here i.e. what other content they have read after reading present post. You can add this useful functionality in your WordPress site in just a few click by using a free WordPress plugin called Where did they go from here.After activation you can easily configure its settings from your admin area Dashboard -> Settings > Where go to page.

Plugin Features Include:

  1. It allows you to display Related Posts automatically in content / feed, no need to edit template files
  2. It tracks visitors movement along your site
  3. Also you can manually display related posts in your theme were ever you want
  4. You can exclude pages from the list of posts
  5. You can display posts thumbnails in the list. Also have the ability to grab the first image in the post as thumbnail.

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