Easily Add Some More Advanced Option Hacks In Your WordPress Site

Earlier we discussed about a free WordPress plugin which lets you Customize WordPress With 20+ Hacks Easily From Your Admin Area Dashboard. This tutorial explains you adding some advanced setting options that are not provided by default in WordPress.

WordPress Advanced Settings Addon

You simply need to install and activate it Advanced Settings plugin, upon activation visit its admin area page from dashboard settings menu. Currently it provides you with following options and features (more options are coming in future):

  1. Remove comments system
  2. Insert author bio on each post
  3. Add description and keywords meta tags in posts (SEO)
  4. Get the blog description and add a description meta tag
  5. Automatically add a FavIcon
  6. Hide top WP admin bar
  7. Remove HTML comments
  8. Easy FeedBurner configuration
  9. Compact HTML code
  10. Disable Posts Auto Saving
  11. Insert google analytics code
  12. Remove header WordPress generator tag
  13. Remove header WLW Manifest tag
  14. Display total number of executed SQL queries
  15. Display page loading time
  16. Remove “texturize” (remove wptexturize filters)
  17. Add thumbnail support
  18. Set JPEG quality
  19. Fix post type pagination
  20. Display total number of executed SQL queries

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