How To Completely Disable Site Delete Option In A WordPress Multisite Network ?

In a WordPress multisite network each subsite provides a delete site option in dashboard’s tools menu. This option is used for subsite admins for deleting their personal subdomain/subdirectory based website of weblog from the WordPress network of sites. This tutorial explains you how you can easily remove this site delete option for subsite admins and make subsite deletion limited to network administrators.

All you will be needing to do is install and activate the new WordPress plugin called Disable Site Delete. After activation the plugin automatically removes and disables the subsite deletion for a non network administrator.

The plugin works by doing thus in 3 steps:-

  1. Removes the delete Site link from tools menu for non network admins
  2. Breaks out of wpmu_delete_blog function to avoid deletion of blog
  3. Hacks around option to avoid sending the delete confirmation mail to blog owner

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