Make WordPress Content Management Easy With CodePress Admin Columns Plugin

Codepress Admin Columns is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to customize your admin section columns.

Website owners professionally running WordPress blog have large amount of content to manage like lot posts, pages, custom post types, media and more but default WordPress content list page (like Posts -> All Posts) provides you only few basic columns.

This tutorial explains you how you can use Codepress Admin Columns plugin to add/customize various more useful columns and have complete control over them in order to make your website’s content management quick & easy.

Screenshot showing posts screen with custom fields (view all screenshots here):

The plugin provides you complete control over all columns for your pages, posts, custom post types, media, links, comments and users etc.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Codepress Admin Columns plugin. Upon activation visit your Dashboard -> Settings -> Admin Columns options page.

A screenshot of settings page showing different display types for custom field. (view all screenshots here):

It provides you an easy drag & drop interface for customizing your website columns.

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