New Social Sharing Motivator For WordPress

Social Share Motivator darkens your WordPress site’s page, post etc and displays social sharing buttons with a custom message, motivating your visitors to share content of your website on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Social Share Motivator 1

All social sharing buttons are displayed in a lightbox overlay. The plugin allows you to enable/disable the close button on overlay lightbox.

Hence you can either force your users to share content in order to gain access to your website or simply allows them access by enabling the close button.

How To Use Social Share Motivator Plugin?

Social Share Motivator 2

Install and activate Social Share Motivator  plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Social Share Motivator page and add a motivational message, enable/disable the close button and set lightbox visibility on posts, pages categories etc.

Save the changes and that’s it.

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