Top 10 Awesome Ways Of Displaying Social Sharing Buttons In WordPress

Social sharing buttons gives more exposure to your website, they encourages visitors to share your content and now search engines also includes social media sharing counts in their algorithm for counting the strength of links. In general website owners display sharing buttons before or after their post content or by using a floating bar with share buttons etc. In this tutorial we are sharing some more good ways of displaying social media sharing buttons in WordPress.

WordPress Image Hover Lite

Displays beautiful social sharing on-hover buttons on images. You can use it inside your content via ‘Add Media‘ button present in WordPress visual editor. As soon your website visitor brings his mouse arrow over the image, it fades up and displays social sharing buttons.

Juiz Social Post Sharer

The plugin allows you to add buttons after your posts and allow visitors share your content without any JavaScript mode. Its sharing buttons are stylish and glossy, it also offers you new metro style sharing buttons.

Responsive Social Sharing Icons

Provides you responsive sharing layout and functionality to users to share via their accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email.

Share Buttons by E-MAILiT

Increase your content distribution with E-MAILiT Share Buttons by helping visitors share to 60+ services. It also allows you to display sharing buttons in a lightbox overlay.

Social Share Button

Another awesome package of sharing buttons and themes. You can display social share buttons on posts, pages and custom post types.

Fast & Easy Social Sharing

A simple and fast social media sharing plugin. The share buttons are loaded as fonts thus load fast and can scale as large as you want them to be.

AR Simple Social Share

This plugin is developed to show a social sharing popup on your site after content.

DX Share Selection

DX Share Selection is the new fork of WP Selected Text Sharer which is not updated since long. It enables snippet sharing feature that allows your visitors to share selected text from your site. They may select a snippet, search for it or share it on various popular social networks.

Lightweight Social Sharing Buttons

Adds social sharing buttons to single posts and pages without using any external script and images.

Mashshare Share Buttons

Mashshare Share Buttons is an awesome social sharing plugin with a high-performance sharing functionality inspired by the popular weblog Mashable. The plugin also displays the total share counts of Facebook and Twitter at a glance.

It uses the webservice and periodically checks for the total count of sharing made on Facebook and Twitter. It then calculates and shows the total count beside the Share buttons.

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