Viral Hover Buttons: Overlay Social Sharing For Pictures & Videos In WordPress

Now you can easily add social sharing buttons in a overlay style in your pictures and videos of your WordPress site. The buttons are shown when a visitor on your website hovers over to them. 

Viral Hover Buttons is the new WordPress plugin that lets you to set up this new social sharing functionality easily in a few clicks.

Viral Hover Buttons showing up over an image:

Viral Hover Buttons 2

Viral Hover Buttons showing up over a video:

Viral Hover Buttons 3

Start by installing ‘Viral Hover Buttons’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Viral Hover Buttons page and choose your options.

Viral Hover Buttons 1

The plugin allows you to change button location from default top left to top right, bottom left or bottom right.

Viral Hover Buttons 4

Style option allows you to display buttons either is a list or selector layout. Currently the plugin provides you buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. You can enable them selectively using the checkbox option and also customize the default button text.

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