Social Butterfly: New Sleek & Attractive Social Media Sharing For WordPress

Social Butterfly is new simple, sleek and very attractive social media sharing plugin for WordPress users.  The plugin is lightweight and easily gets integration before or after post. Its position can be customized sitewide from its options page or you can define its position from top, bottom, both top & bottom or completely hide it from an individual post.

How To Startup With Social Butterfly Plugin?

Social ButterflyInstall and activate Social Butterfly. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Social Butterfly and enable the social sharing buttons, set its position and also if you want you can check the option for overriding all individual post settings with these new settings defined by you.

Secondly, for manually placing or hiding social butterfly’s social sharing buttons on individual post or on custom post types simply navigate to edit post page and you will be noticing a new meta box added after the text editor.

Currently the plugin doesn’t provides you much options and features but the developers are working on designing following more features:

  • Custom Colors. Customize the background, foreground and text color to match your site.
  • Resizable. Make social butterfly bigger for more impact.
  • Expanded mode option. Keep social butterfly open.
  • Support for pages. Include Social Butterfly on pages as well as posts.
  • More Networks! Tell us which networks you want to see.
  • Suggest a feature. Let us know what you’d like to see in Social Butterfly.

But still if you have some knowledge on editing CSS then you can visit Dashboard -> Plugins -> Editor, select Social Butterfly and customize the look of your social sharing buttons by editing out its CSS files.

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