Complete 360 Degree Solution With All Social Features Like Social Login, Commenting, Sharing, Feed & More For WordPress

Super Socializer is the brand new WordPress plugin that comes packed with various social features including Social Login, Social Commenting, Social Sharing, Social Feed and more. The plugin is free and provides you trendy themes with Social Login and Sharing icons and loading time is optimal.

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How To Use Super Socializer?

Install and activate Super Socializer plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new menu Dashboard -> Super Socializer in your admin section from where you can control all plugin features. By default it enables social sharing icons both top and bottom of your posts but you can set their location and visibility from Dashboard -> Super Socializer -> Social Sharing page.

Dashboard -> Super Socializer -> Social Login page lets you manage social logins. Here you can enable Facebook, Twitter and Google+ logins etc. Facebook Commenting can be enabled from Dashboard -> Super Socializer ->Facebook page.

Using Its Widgets & Shortcodes: Navigate to the Dashboard -> Appearance > Widgets page in the left pan and drag Super Socializer – Login and Super Socializer – Sharing widgets in the required area.

For Shortcodes you can use [TheChamp-Login] and [TheChamp-Sharing] Shortcodes in the content of required page/post where you want to display Social Login and Sharing interfaces respectively.

Optionally, you can use style attribute in the Shortcode to style the rendered Social Login and Sharing interfaces. For example: [TheChamp-Login style="background-color:#000; float:right"]


  • Social Login: Enables users to login to your website through their existing IDs on popular social networks.
  • Social Sharing: Enables users to share your website content over popular sharing networks resulting in increased user traffic.
  • Facebook Commenting: Enables users to comment on your website via their Facebook account.
  • Facebook Feed: Publish post on user’s Facebook timeline.
  • User Profile Data: Every time a user logs in, plugin fetches profile data of the user and store that in your WordPress database.
  • Single sign-on: Enable single sign-on in your WordPress multisite network.

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