Social Media Feather For WordPress: New Light Weignt And Beautiful Social Sharing And Follow Buttons

Try new Social Media sharing buttons for WordPress. There is a new plugin in WordPress Plugin Repository called Social Media Feather which is lightweight, gives better modern look and effective sharing experience. It provides you various options, you can use its widget for showing follow us links, you can choose from various social sharing bars in various shades, you can place it anywhere you like by using its shortcode and more. The best part of this plugin is it provides you both social sharing bars and follow us link widgets all in one single plugin so  there’s no need of keeping extra burden of plugins in your WordPress website.

Social Media Feather, install and activate it then visit its settings page and choose your options. If you are adding its sharing bar then you can choose its different shades like wheel, flag, circle, medal and many more as you can see in the following given screenshot.

Here is a quick overview on its main features:

  1. Comes with a default modern icon set
  2. Supports almost all major providers of social features
  3. You can enable or disable each social sharing provider
  4. Provides super lightweight social sharing and following
  5. Provides you integrated WordPress social sharing experience
  6. For further customization more social icons skins are available
  7. Provides full customization for titles and URLs for each provider
  8. Provides you with WordPress social sharing and following widgets
  9. Potential skins can be quadrupled by fading and greying out social icons
  10. Provides sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, Linkedin and e-mail
  11. Provides you the ability to select what services each provider will be exposed for
  12. Provides following on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube or RSS Feed

You might like to see screenshots of its admin page and follow widgets, visit here. All shortcode usage, other useful information and important links are listed on plugin’s page on WordPress.Org.

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