Managing Your WordPress Site Via Git At

Now lets you manage your WordPress site with the version-control software called Git. It can now be used with your Managed WordPress account for backups and development.

Unlike most uses of Git (which controls software subversions), Managed WordPress users find Git most useful for creating the website backups

You should also know that Git is not going to version your Managed WordPress database, nor any of the information in it such as logins, posts, and other text content. But yes, whatsoever comes in your WordPress website directory can be backed up using GIT.

Additionally, for backing up MySQL database you can use some plugin or’s account options.

Git with Managed WordPress at can also be used to develop your WordPress site locally, but doing so is more advanced and requires additional software like Beanstalk.

How to access Git on Managed WordPress?

  1. Access your Managed WordPress account via SSH (more info).
  2. Run the Git application using the following command:

Now you can issue commands through Git as documented on their website.

For a proper use of Git on your Managed WordPress account, you need to create a .gitignore file (more info) stored in your /html directory.

The file should contain the following lines of code:


Creation of this file is important because of versioning issues made by updates to the WordPress core.

To use version control software without learning Git, you can make use of WordPress plugins such as Revisr or Gitium. They enables you to use Git’s functionality through a GUI i.e. Graphical User Interface.

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