5 BuddyPress Plugins For Adding Powerful Options To Member Profiles

Here are some free plugins that offer enhancements to the member profiles of your BuddyPress network.

BP Verified

Allows admins to specify verified accounts by putting Twitter like Verified ID badge on profiles. Also you can mark users as spam accounts.

BP User Profile Map

It adds a Google map displaying a member’s location on his profile.

BuddyPress Profile Progression

Simple BuddyPress plugin that adds a progress bar in the member profile, which displays the percentage of data filled.

RS BuddyPress Activity Refresh

Auto refreshes BuddyPress activity streams using JavaScript so you get the latest activity on screen without refreshing the browser.

Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

Popular BuddyPress plugin that adds more custom fields types in in BuddyPress profiles like Birthdate, Email, Web, Datepicker etc.

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