How To Allow BuddyPress Members Manually Control And Edit Their Profile Links ?

BuddyPress automatically insert links to all profile filed test. For Example: You must have observed that member’s name visible in a BuddyPress profile field appears as a clickable link. Now this article explains you how you can allow you BuddyPress site members to manually edit or remove all links present in BuddyPress profile fields.

First install and activate brand new BuddyPress plugin called Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress. After activation the plugin removes all auto generated links from all member profiles but it enables a new feature that allows your website members to manually activate links on selected text in their profiles.

They can easily make a text clickable simply by enclosing it in curly brackets { & }, For example if they are writing something in their profile field text box and enclosing a word or full text in curly brackets then it will appear as same old BuddyPress auto generated profile link whereas the text written without brackets will appear as normal text which is not clickable.

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