Activate Centralized Website Management In WordPress

Centralized Site Management is the new module of Jetpack by plugin. It lets you manage multiple WordPress sites and keep plugins up-to-date from one single dashboard at 

Enabling this feature of Jetpack enables all existing, connected admins to modify your website from

How to enable site management module?

First make sure you have latest Jetpack by version installed and working on your self hosted WordPress site.

If you’ve used Jetpack before then it will show you a notification. After activating the module, visit site management features, visit and you will be noticing your site listed in the site picker.

Centralized Site Management 1

This not only works for plugins, stats but you can do much more.

Site Management 2

You can post to multiple sites from one place, you can create new posts, pages, manage themes, customize settings, sharing, menus and more.

Site Management 3

All My Sites’ menu on the top left side allows you to switch website instantly in one click.

Site Management 1

You can watch page views, visitors and other statistics for each connected website you have connected to your Jetpack account.

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