Lasgo: Animated WP Assistant That Guides You In Using WordPress Features

Remember old MS Office days where you have an Office Assistant, an Intelligent User Interface for Microsoft Office that helps users by way of an interactive animated character, which interfaced with the Office help content. It used technology initially from Microsoft Bob and later Microsoft Agent, offering advice based on Bayesian algorithms. Lasgo is something like that only.

Lasgo, a WordPress plugin by Dimitar A. provides you an interactive assistant that lets you learn-as-you-go the basics of WordPress usage by displaying tips about the page you are on. You can select, searching for answers or taking an exam to test your skills.

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The plugin includes various jokes as well and displays them from time to time, you can disable the features from its admin page in Dashboard -> Lasgo. Other settings allows you to Disable Lasgo, Open it in minimize, you can create your own Lasgo and promote him as your brand and a few more options.

Main Plugin Features:

  • Interactive interface
  • Search most popular tutorials websites
  • Post a question (community oriented)
  • Earning points for different tasks
  • Exams for 7 Levels
  • Learn more section on the most important WP admin pages

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