How To Use Animated 3D Roll Over Links In WordPress?

3D roll over is a stylish way of adding in-content links (both internal & external) inside your WordPress posts, page and other custom post types. 3D Roll Over Links is the new WordPress plugin that enables you to do this very easily in your website, after activation the plugin automatically starts using the 3D roll animation for each and every link you have added in your website content.

Enable Beautiful 3D Roll Over Links In WordPress 1

Install and activate 3D Roll Over Links plugin. Upon activation the plugin automatically changes default link hovering effect with a cool 3D roll over animation. Watch out this demo here.

Enable Beautiful 3D Roll Over Links In WordPress 2

The plugin is all automatic and provides you only one option, the option to select a custom background color in HSL format using its color picker. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> 3D Roll Over Links to change the default link hover background and use a custom color for it.

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