How To Show Banner Ads Randomly In WordPress?

The new Random Banner plugin allows you to display random banner ads of any size using a widget. With this plugin you can upload or simply add banner image URL links and the use its widget for displaying your ad banners randomly in your WordPress site. The plugin allows you to specify 10 different size of banners with custom URLs and you can manage them all from its admin page then show them through out their website using its easy widget.

How To Use Banner Ads Plugin?

Install and activate Random Banner then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Random Banner page and add/upload your image banners. Save the settings then head on to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and add its widget to your widgets areas, you can use the widget multiple times on different widget areas your theme provides you.


  • Admin can able to upload 10 banners or banner links
  • Easy to add individual link for each banner, so that when user click the link will be open
  • Banners will be displayed randomly based on the number of banners uploaded in setting page
  • Banner can be placed using widget, so that admin has more flexibility to add the banner where ever that theme supports widget.
  • Custom title can be added for that banner in widget location.

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