How To Find Media Content That You Can Share, Use Commercially, Adapt Or Remix For Further Use ?

If you are looking for an easy possible way to search content like image and video files etc that comes under a public domain so thatyou can use it in your blog, website by editing it, remixing its etc etc. There are many utilities that allows you to so so. In this article we are discussing about CC Search provided by CreativeCommons.Org

So first of all what you need to so is visit this address Search.Creativecommons.Org. Now you will be noticing a search box and two search boxes under it. Using the check boxes you can specify what type of content you are searching for:

  1. Content to use for commercial purposes.
  2. Content to modify, adapt or build upon.

Other than these check boxes you will find ‘Search Using’ section where you can specify what and where you want to search content. It provides you various options like you can search CC media in Flick, Google Images, Footpedia, Jamendo, Open clip Art Library, YouTube, Pixabay, ccMixter, Sound Cloud and more. Also you can add CC Search in your Firefox web browser.

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