Increase Your BuddyPress Site Members Interaction With BuddyPig

Increase your BuddyPress site members interaction and let them know each other using BuddyPig.

BuddyPig is a quiz game built on BuddyPress that asks you questions about your fellow members. Built for an Automattic hack day.

PIG doesn’t mean pig here but it is an acronym for Personal Information Game.

Its not a install and activate plugin but to use it you’ll have to write a simple plugin for creating different questions after you finish up with your question, choose the BuddyPress group you’d like to use. It is a hook-able, so there’s lots of other stuff you can customize. It uses BuddyPress activity Streams feature to be running.

It automatically generates questions and potential answers based on BuddyPress profiles.
Correct answers receive happy bacon.
Incorrect answers receive sad carrots.

Questions can be created easily using the plugin’s pig_register_question() function.You can take help from the plugin’s notes.

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