Send Encrypted & Password Protected Information That Shred After Viewing

Instead of sending sensitive notes in plain text you can send them in an encrypted, password protected format and also you can get notified when they’re been read and then shred.

Noteshred.Com is a free online service that allows you to create encrypted notes using 256 bit AES encryption technology without any requirement of registration etc. You can easily create a new note in less than 30 seconds.

How To Create A New Encrypted Secure Note ?

Now what you do is visit Noteshred.Com and then follow the given steps:

Shred 1

  1. Click ‘Create A New Note’ button
  2. Type in given form: type in your Note Title, Your Name, Email where you want to receive notifications, Password and Select when to shred (after reading of later)
  3. Type you note in text area given on the right side, also you can attach a file of maximum 2MB in size.
  4. Click ‘Create Note’ button.

Shred 2

You will be directed to a page from where you can email the note to anyone you like, or you can delete it.

How To Use Your Encrypted Secure Note ?

After creating your encrypted note you can email it to people you want:

Shred 3

  1. Click ‘Email This Note‘ button.
  2. Type in comma separated email addresses
  3. Type in a comment and click ‘Send Email‘ button
  4. That’s all, your note in now emailed to typed email addresses.

How To Access The Encrypted Note And Manage Them ?

After you create any note; you get a link on your email from NoteShred. Click that link and it directs you to another page asking you for password.

Type the password which you have entered while creating your note, click ‘Show Me The Note‘ button.

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